We took down the fence that separated the kitchen garden from the new play and relax area as it totally transformed the space and meant everyone could run around a lot more! But to give a different feel to this area of the garden we decorated are planters and each looked after half a planter through individual ideas. These mini gardens were fantastic taking prehistoric times, beautiful flowers, caring ideas as inspiration to get creative!

Here’s what some of our young gardeners said about their cultivated plots:

“I went for a dino theme and like my dinosaur the best that I  made our of clay – I’d give my garden 10/10”

“I wanted a theme of peace and quiet for my garden and liked planting pretty flowers and white stones leading to a wooden hut”

“I made 4 mini garden so i could take one home to my sister.  I made a beach garden and the sea and i painted pebbles cyan.  i made a beach hut using wood and coloured lollypop sticks.I like the beach garden best because it is for my family.”

Project kindly supported by Shop Direct and Community Foundation for Merseyside