Our young gardeners have been learning all about the healing power of plants and thinking about what they would include in their own magical healing garden – Here’s what they said..

Hello I’m Alexandra. For our healing garden, I wrote about Lavender because I really like the smell of it. I also chose the word peace to go on a stone because the garden should be a place to calm down if you are angry, upset or frightened.

I think cats and dogs can help you because they help you feel better when you stroke them.  My hat protects you from the sun.  By Benn

Hi I’m Daisy. I think this garden is healing because it is very soothing and calm; with lovely flowers to smell. It makes people feel very warm and cosy because of the sun. The garden makes people feel relaxed because of the tinkling noises of the wishing well.

Hello I’m Oliver. For our healing garden I made a magic spoon & I wrote a description on scabosia. Scabosia is a plant; it is good for itchy skin. Rub the flower where you have some itchy skin & it should relieve the pain. The magic spoon is good for when you put medicine on it, it helps you get better.

Hi I’m Rachel,  This is a medicinal healing garden.  The idea came from the story Alice in Wonderland, the ‘eat me’ ‘drink me’ ideas from the story developed into smell me, touch me, taste me, hear me and see me.

Our garden uses the senses to make people feel better.  One thing I wrote about for the garden was rosemary – it appeals to smell and touch and can help with joint pain if it is put in a warm bath.

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